#SocialTheory & #Health – Volume 13 Issue 2


Original Articles

Fabricated data bodies: Reflections on 3D printed digital body objects in medical and health domains

Deborah Lupton

Soc Theory Health 2015 13: 99-115; 10.1057/sth.2015.3

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Public access to NHS financial information: From a freedom of information regime to full open-book governance?

Sean Tunney & Jane Thomas

Soc Theory Health 2015 13: 116-140; advance online publication, February 25, 2015; 10.1057/sth.2014.19

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Is psychiatry dying? Crisis and critique in contemporary psychiatry

Alastair Morgan

Soc Theory Health 2015 13: 141-161; 10.1057/sth.2015.5

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Diagnosis at work – On sick leave in Sweden

Lena Eriksson

Soc Theory Health 2015 13: 162-179; advance online publication, April 8, 2015; 10.1057/sth.2015.1

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Role theory and the practice of interprofessional education: A critical appraisal and a call to sociologists

Barret Michalec & Frederic W Hafferty

Soc Theory Health 2015 13: 180-201; advance online publication, March 25, 2015; 10.1057/sth.2015.2

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

The gap of masculinity in the research on HIV among men who have sex with men: A review of quantitative literature and theoretical contributions on gender and masculinity approaches

Àngel Gasch Gallén & Concepción Tomás

Soc Theory Health 2015 13: 202-218; 10.1057/sth.2015.4

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

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