#CFP: The Social Life of #Healthcare Decisions

The journal Frontiers in Sociology (Medical Sociology section) is inviting contributions to the article collection The Social Life of Healthcare Decisions: Contexts and Consequences.

NB: Due to the exceptional nature of the current situation, the journal is *waiving all publishing and open access charges* for accepted articles in the collection "The Social Life of Healthcare Decisions". Articles accepted for this collection will incur *no publishing and no open-access charges*.

The purpose of the article collection is to advance the analysis of the social context and social consequences of decisions about healthcare provision. The editors encourage submissions on decision making in any healthcare domain. Papers should share the collection’s distinctive focus on the social relations presupposed or shaped by healthcare decisions. The collection is not committed to a particular theoretical perspective. Submissions informed by a wide variety of conceptions of social relations are welcome.

For full topic details, contact information, deadlines, and information on how to get involved, please visit:


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