#Critical #Health Education Studies Conference (CHESS), 29 May-1 June 2018, Queenstown, New Zealand

CHESS 2018

Critical Health Education Studies Conference (CHESS) 2018

29 May-1 June 2018
Queenstown, New Zealand
The aim of this conference is to provide a space for discussion, debate, research, theory and networking among international scholars who wish to contest dominant discourses of health in education, and imagine alternate theories, practices and ways of being.

Keynote speakers

  • Associate Professor Jen Gilbert (Canada)
  • Professor Deborah Lupton (Australia)
  • Associate Professor Melinda Webber (NZ)

Invited symposia
Sexuality Education (Prof. Mary Lou Rasmussen)
Maori & Indigenous Health (Prof. Brendan Hokowhitu)
Health Education & PE (Prof. Richard Tinning)


Call for papers is now open: https://www.crithealthstud.org

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Paardekooper & Associates | CHESS 2018 professional conference organisers
P: + 64 4 562 8259 | E: info | W: https://www.crithealthstud.org


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