#CFP: In #Sickness and In #Health #Conference; Sydney, Australia; 7-9 June, 2018

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ISIH 7th International Conference:

Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission and attendance are invited from researchers, scholars, advocates, practitioners and students engaged in diverse disciplinary and practice perspectives, including:

  • Sociology, critical culture and race studies, anthropology, economics, communication and media studies, history, geography, and philosophy
  • Nursing, physiotherapy, social work, psychology, medicine, and other allied health care

We look forward to your abstract submissions via the online submission tool until 31 October 2017.

Click here to submit your abstract

ISIH 7th International Conference Theme:

Technologies, Bodies and Health Care

Critical studies in health are concerned with problematizing a wide range of issues, from analyses of everyday encounters, to analyses of government and society. Common for critical analyses is an effort to identify and explain oppressive power relations and articulate potential strategies affording resistance or social change.

The aim of this conference is to open critical discussions on the effects of intensification of technologies at the interfaces between the social and material body in health and illness. In keeping with its core purpose, the 7th International ISIH Conference addresses issues of technologies, bodies and health care, providing a forum for researchers, clinicians and students interested in critical, ethical, philosophical and political approaches to health.

Conference themes focus on, but are not confined to, the following topics:

  • Technologies: health promotion, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, monitoring and communication
  • Intensification of governmentality and its processes
  • Space and place of health production
  • Citizenship and ‘democratisation’ of health research and services
  • Neoliberalism, neo-conservatism and social injustice
  • Dominance and race, gender, sexuality or other structural categories of difference
  • Art, humanities and health
  • Ethics in health care in the 21st century
  • Posthuman conceptions of health and illness
  • Ideologies of risk
  • Points of resistance

Abstract submissions will close on 31 October 2017.

Visit our website here
We look forward to welcoming you in Sydney!

Kind regards,

Trudy Rudge, Academic Programme Lead on behalf of the 7th ISIH Conference Planning Team

All inquiries should be directed to:
ISIH Secretariat
Podium Conference Specialists
2661 Queenswood Drive
Victoria, BC, Canada, V8N 1X6
Tel: +1 (250) 472-7644

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