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International Journal of Drug Policy

Call for papers
Themed collection: Drugged pleasures
Guest editors: Fay Dennis and Adrian Farrugia

The marginality of accounts of pleasure in alcohol and other drug (AOD) research, intervention, policy and public discourse is an ongoing concern for AOD researchers. Explored in depth in this journal eight years ago (Treloar and Holt, 2008), this themed collection intends to revisit some of these issues in light of broader conceptual shifts within qualitative AOD research towards what can be loosely categorised as ‘new material’ theories. Drawing from perspectives such as actor-network theory, science and technology studies, Deleuze and Guattari’s (1987) ‘assemblages’ and Barad’s (2007) ‘agential realism’, researchers are increasingly focusing on relationally, emergence, specific ‘events’ of consumption and the contingency of drug effects. These theories seek to decentre the ontological primacy of the anterior human subject and the notion of stable drug objects, and draw attention to the provisional enactment of AOD realities in research, policy and consumption itself. The turn to new materialisms raises new questions about how to most effectively approach pleasure in AOD consumption, the significance of such a focus, and how to best conceptualise it. This themed collection will consider what new material approaches have to offer our understandings of pleasure in AOD consumption, policy, and practice.

We welcome submissions from a wide disciplinary area, drawing on a variety of novel concepts and methods. We encourage a mix of paper types, including commentaries, reviews or critical essays, as well as empirical case studies. Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

· Theorising and studying the emergence of pleasure beyond bodily boundaries;
· Analysing how pleasure is assembled and made in consumption practices;

· Examining how drugged pleasures can inform harm reduction;
· Exploring how attuning to pleasure can produce more embodied and sensitive research and treatment practices;
· Exploring how pleasure is constrained/contained, made or enacted in policy, health interventions and treatment practices;
· Continuing discussions of the singular focus on harm;
· Investigating the blur between notions of pleasure and danger in drug consumption;
· Considering whether the focus on pleasure in AOD research is fulfilling the potential researchers argue for;
· Developing concepts that could exceed pleasure in the ability to improve our understandings of the complexity of drug experiences;
· Developing novel methods for analysing drugged pleasures, desires or practices of care.

Commentary and Afterword
We are excited to announce that Associate Professor Helen Keane will contribute a Commentary, and Professor Carla Treloar and Associate Professor Martin Holt will offer an Afterword to the collection.

Guidelines for submission
Abstracts (not to exceed 500 words) should be emailed to Fay Dennis (Fay.Dennis) and Adrian Farrugia (adrian.farrugia) by 21 November
2016. The email subject should read ‘IJDP Themed Collection’. The editors will inform the authors by 19 December 2016 whether to proceed to full submission. If accepted, full manuscripts should be submitted to the journal between 10 February and 20 April 2017.
All manuscripts are subject to the usual IJDP peer review process. For more information on types of submissions see https://www.elsevier.com/journals/international-journal-of-drug-policy/0955-3959/guide-for-authors

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