Neuroscientific #psychiatry and the problem of consciousness #crisis

Neuroscientific #psychiatry and the problem of consciousness #crisis

Psychiatric diagnosis and psychiatry is in crisis. Evidence of this is to be found in the National Institute of Mental Health’s (NIMH) decision not to use the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 published in May. It is also marked by the existence of DxSummit, as well as the critical responses to DSM-5 of organisations as diverse as the Hearing Voices Network[1] and Mental Health Europe[2]. This is no guild dispute between clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. Four editorials or special articles published by the British Journal of Psychiatry over the last five years (Craddock et al, 2008; Bullmore et al, 2009; Oyebode & Humphreys, 2011; Bracken et al, 2012) acknowledge that psychiatry is in crisis. These papers offer different analyses of the crisis, and different solutions, but the fact is that scientific research has failed to reveal the causes of madness, and confidence in the quality of the scientific evidence used to justify the treatment of people with psychiatric diagnoses has been seriously undermined.

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